• University of Cumbria

    It has been a month since I arrived here. I think it's time for me to present you my university and my courses.

    The University of Cumbria is located in lancaster. It has been built in 2007 so it's a young university which provide different types of courses like healthcare, social science, arts, law, humanities... There are different campuses situated in Carlisle, Lancaster and Ambleside. The main building is the reception which is a quite modern building. The other buildings are older as you can see on the picture below.

    University of Cumbria

    The fisrt time I went to the University was for the national induction on Friday, 16th of January where i met the other erasmus people. There three Finnish people and one girl comes from Norway.
    I chose three different courses : International Economics which is on Tuesday morning, Human Resource Management and Development which is on Thursday evening and Web Development which is on Friday morning. Each lecture lasts three hours, at first I thought it will be quite long but finally it's not as long as that because the courses are very interesting.Class sizes change from one course to another.

    International economics : 12 students - Tuesday - 10am until 1pm         
    In this module we study Classical and Neo-classical Trade Theory, International Finance, Multinational, Developped and Developping Nations, the role of NGO and contemporary issues.

    Human resources : 13 students - Thursday - 5pm until 8pm         
    This module is an introduction to the study and the practice of Human Resource Development. We study the different learning styles, learning organisations and how we can apply it in our life.

    Web development : 4 students - Friday - 10am until 1pm         
    In this module, we learn how to create and design a website with HTML language or CSS language. For example, what we did first is to make an English CV and design it by HTML language. After we used the HTML language, we learnt the CSS language which is an easier way to design a website.
    The way of teaching is very different than the one in France ; class sizes are very small which induce a different relationship between students and teachers. For example, during the first class of Web Develoment and because we were only four students we took a coffee with the teacher to learn each other better. Also, teachers don't mind if people arrive late in class.


    University of Cumbria



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    University of Cumbria

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