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    Hi everybody!

    Today I will present you some local news stories which happened during my semester in Lancaster.


    Sport: Busy time for Lancaster and Morecambe runners

                On April, the 9th, six runners from the Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club ran at the Pendle Hill. A girl from Cumbria had an excellent run and finished as first female for the under 16 age category.


    Royal: A royal visit in Lancaster

                On May, the 29th, the Queen Elizabeth II came to Lancaster! It was a big event for this peaceful city! Indeed, as part of her role of duchy of Lancaster, Queen Elizabeth II came to visit the city for the first time in these last 16 years. She arrived just after 10am, she visited the castle of Lancaster and she watched a performance of Shakespeare. She came to commemorate the 750 years of the castle belonging to the Duke of Lancaster. The street was crowd of hundreds of people who were there to see her majesty the queen Elizabeth II.


    Local News Stories



    Politic: During all my semester abroad, I heard about…

    …The City Council elections held in Lancaster:


                During all my semester abroad, we received mail, almost every day, about the city council elections. City Council elections are held every four years in England. This year, the day of the vote was on May, the 7th. For Lancaster, the results are: 19 seats for the conservative party, 9 seats for the green party, 1 seat for the Independent party, 29 seats for the Labour Party and 2 seats for the MBI party.



    Lancaster guardian

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