• Free article: my different travels (3)

    Hi ! 


    Today I will present you my travel to Manchester! I hope you will enjoy it!

    Manchester is located is the North West of England. There are more than 500 000 inhabitants there. Manchester is a famous city in England, it’s a cultural and dynamic city. Art, music and architecture are really well represented thanks to bands like Oasis or Stone Roses which come from Manchester. There are lots of beautiful buildings. As you can see on the picture below, the John Ryland Library is an amazing building. Since its creation, the city was an industrial power.


    Free article: my different travel (3)

    Free article: my different travel (3)






    John Ryland              Library











    To my opinion, Manchester is not as beautiful as Liverpool. Even if it’s two different cities, Manchester is bigger and too industrial for me. I preferred the atmosphere of Liverpool but what I enjoyed most in Manchester is the John Ryland Library. I let you with some pictures, which speak better than words…

    Free article: my different travel (3)


    The red decorations in the street are here to celebrate the Chinese New Year

    Free article: my different travel (3)


    Thanks for reading ! See you

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