• Free article: my different travels (1)

    Morecambe and Blackpool


    Hi everybody!

    In the following articles I will present you the different travels I have done during my Erasmus semester.

    During my Erasmus semester I have visited several cities. First of all, I will present you two of them: Morecambe and Blackpool.

    Morecambe is very close to Lancaster, we can go there by bike, by train… It’s very fast! Morecambe is a seaside resort of the city of Lancaster in Lancashire. The city is located in Morecambe Bay and there are approximately 45 000 inhabitants.

    Morecambe is a beautiful bay where we can observe the sea and the sunset. When I went there with my friends, the weather was not very sunny and it was very windy. However, even if the city is small and even if there is not a lot of things to do, the sea view is worth a look!


    Blackpool is a coastal city located in the northwest of England. It takes 40 minutes to go there by train. There are 142 100 inhabitants in Blackpool.

    Blackpool is a seaside resort where we also can observe the sea and the sunset. The beach is very beautiful and it’s very pleasant to go for a walk along the seaside. In Blackpool I went to a burlesque show. It was a very fun experience!


    Free article: my different travels (1)


    Thanks for reading, 


    See you in my next article where I will present you another journey!

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